I’ve never done therapy before. What should I expect?

Therapy begins with getting to know one another, and determining your goals. Knowing your goals for therapy will help me be very focused in my service to you. Each session, we will work on your goals until you acquire the level of progress you desire.

I work full time and so it would be difficult for me to get to your office.

Totally understandable. Together, we can discuss some options such as sessions by phone during your lunch hour, or a Skype video session when needed.

How long does therapy take?

Short-term therapy often ranges from 3-7 sessions. In short-term therapy, we focus on finding a practical solution to a specific issue, such as decision making or pre-engagement counseling. Other issues may take longer, such as identity formation, exploring complex issues, and healing from divorce.

Do you do Christian therapy?

There are at least 4 types of Christian counseling that I’m aware of. For a good summary of my approach to Christian therapy, here is a great read.

Are you available to do workshops for my church?

I would love to serve your church and offer help in areas centering around relationships, sex addiction, betrayal trauma, and spiritual/cultural issues.

I don’t want people to know I’m in counseling. Can you ensure my confidentiality?

I take your confidentiality seriously. Your information and identity will never be shared outside of the counseling session, except for legally mandated situations (reasonable suspicion of abuse to a minor/elderly, intent to harm others/self), or without your consent.

What are your views on divorce?

I will not give counsel to divorce or not to divorce, but I will explore all avenues to help you make the most informed decision.