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My name is Roy Kim, and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Southern California. I am on a quest to make more money. This quest is extremely important to me. It’s on my mind more than I like to admit.

Sometimes it keeps me from falling asleep. Other times it makes me distracted or sullen as my mind’s inner wheels turn and turn. Occasionally I will scold myself, saying, “You’re turning money into an idol.” But then the importance of the quest will revive again and so the cycle goes. Why is this quest so important to me?

The Reason I Want to Make More Money

I want to make more money so that my wife can afford to take a career risk. Before we got married last year, she was a single mom working her tail off to support her daughter. I’m so proud of her years of hard work and sacrifice. She counts her blessings that she has a job and that this job provides health insurance. But I know she’d rather pursue a career that maximizes her natural passions and skill sets. And I know she’d rather have the hours flexibility to spend more time with her daughter, who is now my daughter too 🙂 

The cost of living in Southern California is high. Not Northern California high, but still high. Though we technically have double income, our combined income doesn’t go very far in our region. My income alone for sure is not enough for her to take a career risk. My income also fluctuates monthly. We cannot depend on it, which makes me sad and even ashamed at times. Maybe even a bit angry. I have a bachelor’s degree, 2 masters degrees, I work hard at something I love, and I provide a service that enhances people’s lives. So why is it so difficult to provide for my family? I can feel my pulse rate quickening as I write lol. But rather than sitting here ranting, I’d rather take a different approach. 

Ride-Along With Me!

I want to try a variety of things that can potentially increase my revenue. And I invite you to ride along with me through this blog! Join me as I share with you what I’m trying, what worked for me, what didn’t work for me, why I think it worked, why I think it didn’t work. There will be times when I try something that didn’t work for me, but worked for you. And vice versa. If so, let’s have a discussion about it so that we can figure out the reasons for the different results. 

This dialogue will be essential to the ride-along experience.

In order to make this blog super relevant to you, can you send me some questions and/or tell me what you’re interested in finding out? For example, “How important has it been to have a website?” or “Where do you get your referrals from?” or “Is your office location important?” Anything that you’re curious about or debating, the more questions the better!

I hope you will subscribe to this blog and ride along with me! Let’s figure out how to actually make a good living doing what we love!

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