How to Get Referrals (Part 5: Podcasts)

Every now and then, I get an email or phone call from a prospective client who tells me they are seeking counseling from me because they heard me on my podcast. They often tell me that they feel they already know me because my voice

has been talking to them through their earbuds or their car speakers. I “speak” to them as they are on their treadmill, on their slow commute, washing dishes, or shaving their facial hair. In a cool way, I have already built some virtual trust with them before ever meeting me. This goes a long way in helping a person decide who to go to for counseling.


I do get a tiny bit of revenue for my Same Boat podcast through monthly patrons. This podcast gets roughly 1000 downloads per episode. This number does not account for people who are streaming on Spotify or other means. I think big time money getters have podcasts that are wildly popular, maybe in the tens or hundreds of thousands. If I could find a way to get substantial revenue through podcasting, I would totally invest more time and energy into producing more consistent content. It would be a dream to split my work time between podcasting and seeing clients. But since that’s very far away, I do the podcasts when I can carve out time. It’s extremely enjoyable, though! I would have never dreamt that I would like doing it until I tried.

Difficulty of Taboo Topics

My SA speakeasy podcast is about sex addiction, and I average around 100 downloads per episode. I love being able to produce worthwhile content for people who struggle with porn or sex addiction, but it’s also a topic that is quite un-shareable, if you know what I mean. If I produce an episode about sex addiction, and post it on Facebook, it’s going to be difficult to find listeners who tag other friends. The topic is way too taboo. And so, it becomes nearly impossible to get publicity since the Facebook algorithm requires people to make comments and share to generate more buzz.

Should I Shut it Down?

I also have a forum in the SA speakeasy website, but to this date, no one has entered the forum to make a comment or ask a question. Again, I think it’s because the topic is too taboo. I am debating whether to keep going with the podcast and website, especially if the numbers show that not many people are listening or engaging. What do you think? I’d appreciate your feedback!


Have you ever considered starting a podcast? If so, I’d love to know what your topic might be, and answer any questions you may have. 

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