Pre-Engagement Counseling

Are you dating, and starting to talk about marriage? Now is the perfect time to consider Pre-Engagement Counseling. I wrote an article about why Pre-Engagement Counseling is better than Pre-Marital Counseling. I hope you find it helpful!

What does Pre-Engagement Counseling entail?

I will have you complete an online assessment called Prepare-Enrich which provides valuable data for us to look at your relationship strengths, and your areas for growth. The assessment takes a look at how much you and your partner agree on the most important issues for couple health. I have found that couples seldom talk about these issues without outside guidance. They assume that (1) the other person shares their view, (2) the other person will change their mind after marriage, or (3) it’s not a big deal as long as they have faith.

These are risky assumptions to make! I want to help you see your relationship clearly, to celebrate that which is great, and to speak authentically about what you want/need in order to thrive. Some people feel this type of evaluation takes away the mystique and the romance of a relationship. Some might even say it takes away the “faith” in a relationship. I am in a different camp. I believe these are necessary conversations that (1) promote wisdom, (2) increase truth-telling and connection, and (3) generate confidence about whichever decision you make about your relationship.

If you are talking marriage, and want help making one of the most important decisions of your life, contact me today!