I host 2 podcasts that address significant topics. One podcast addresses sex addiction, and it’s called SA speakeasy. In this podcast, you will hear me and other sex addiction therapists share important insights about sex addiction.  Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and across Google/Android platforms.

The other podcast is called The Same Boat, and its purpose is to help you feel you are not alone.

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Here’s what friends of the podcast are saying on iTunes:

“Breath of fresh air. This podcast is rich with vulnerability and courage. If you’re looking for real, raw stories of faith, this is it!” – ColleenLamNguyen

“Every Asian American should listen. Love the heart and content of the podcast. It’s needed for Asians who tend to not discuss and engage with emotions but silently struggle and suffer.” – Samy 507

“Heartfelt truth. In an age when people are deceived, distracted, and disillusioned with the evils in the world and in our own lives, The Same Boat speaks truth without reservations, yet with love, compassion, and a sincere desire to help those who relate to a given topic. I look forward to hearing more podcasts with the hope to better understand others and continue learning to love as God loves us.” – y47bears

“Raw honesty that’s good for the soul. In a time where storytelling and entertainment and education is at a high premium and showing up everywhere, this podcast has found a new space in a blue ocean. This podcast shares true life stories for empathy and encouragement. Right from the start, you hear the true confessions and raw honesty that connects us in our human condition – especially for Asians and Asian Americans, that touches on pain and shame. This podcast truly lights a path of hope for all of us that go through dark times. I’m going to listen to every single episode and I would encourage you to do the same.” – djchuang

“You are not alone. Roy’s podcast is soothing for the soul. It’ll help you reflect on life’s ups and downs; you’ll soon realize that you are not alone! There are others out there that may be dealing with similar struggles… this podcast has provided me with a broader perspective on things.. When is the next episode coming out??” – phillycorleone

“Food for needy and broken hearts. This podcast doesn’t sugar coat the messy parts of the real lives Roy Kim explores. The stories are relatable to anyone who’s experienced disappointment or suffering before, and helps build compassion for the stories of others. Definitely worth listening to if you’re looking for a sense that you’re not alone in your life experiences.” – MarieFang

“God’s grace in the real and the raw. If you want non-sugar coated, raw and real struggles and trauma that Christians are going through or have gone through met by the grace of God – this is a MUST SUBSCRIBE of my friend/brother in Christ’s podcast. Be blessed.” – Kyoung Hye

“All the feels (no, seriously). These are devastating and redemptive stories, and Roy is the perfect captain to take us through such dangerous waters. I listened to three episodes in one sitting. Rarely have I heard such an effortless transition between topics of grief, loss, God, and psychology. Also, the production quality is really impressive!” – Soul Doc

“Space to heal. Roy Kim creates a safe space to engage our raw human brokenness without being crushed or becoming hardened by it. The deeply personal stories set to beautiful music draw us to empathize with one another and heal together. Give it a listen!” superdavelee

“Light in this broken world. Listening to Roy’s podcast assures you that it’s okay for you to feel your life is not perfect, messy, stuck or fair. There could be a season in your life where you can’t understand God’s plan and you are mad at him. You might have a cross on your shoulder that you don’t want to carry and you feel very undeserving carrying it. Roy lets you know that you are not alone in the journey, a long painful journey in this broken world. That there are friends and family who are willing to listen when you vent and cry with you and that God of all knows and feels your pain, that His love and grace will cover you, and that someday you might be the person who others come to and get healed. Such a wonderful, deep and real podcast. 10+++ Gold stars!! 😀 Can’t wait to hear more. Thank you.” – emilyblee

“Powerful. Very powerful and honest stories to remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and God’s redemptive work in our lives.” – simonchung56

“Much needed reminders. I love hearing stories that are so different yet so similar to my own. I am reminded that everyone has their unique challenges, but that we can relate to one another on various levels. Just knowing that I am not the only person going through a difficult time is a huge encouragement while feeling hopeful that our struggles can turn into opportunities for strength. Looking forward to the next episode!” – philchung96

“Authentic. This is the authentic Christian podcast I needed. Roy looks at real walks of faith, starting with himself, sparing no hard and true details. The Same Boat is a beacon of honest reflection among a sea of self help/self improvement Christian media and messaging. The stories ring especially poignantly for Asian Americans, but are valuable on a universal level. Do not wait to listen.” – Player_02

“A much needed podcast! Roy is extremely thoughtful in navigating through the pains that Asian Americans can relate to. Grateful for this podcast and reminded that I am never alone in my struggles!” – randybcho

“Real and raw. What a great podcast! Roy Kim does an excellent job of providing insight on issues that people struggle with and offers advice on how to cope and turn to God. He is genuine and vulnerable, reminding us that we’re all in this together and indeed in the same boat. I highly recommend it!” – patriciac703

“Refreshing and encouraging real stories and struggles. Was really blessed to hear such real stories of daily struggles/challenges/battles! Can really relate even if the circumstances and issues are different. The struggles are real and tough. Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable. Much needed for not just Asian American believers – but all Christians in the world.” – Thankful from singapore.

“Honest, vulnerable truth. My favorite thing about this podcast thus far is that Roy actually vulnerably shares his journey. I don’t know any other therapist that has exposed himself in order for people to feel welcome. His voice has a tone of understanding. P.S. The soundtrack is awesome!” – cr_stal

“Smooth sailing for the Soul! The Same Boat podcast is a refreshing and thoughtful site for all who may have faced troubles of any kind in life. Roy Kim gives insightful and helpful counsel to all! This podcast is a treasure and should be shared to the masses! I highly endorse it!” – Monkeeprof

“Finding connection through redemptive stories! As Roy says, “We’re all in the same boat.” It’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re in the middle of a tough season; so it’s not only helpful to know other have been there… but even more to know how they got through it! Roy is bringing great content with each episode!” – nathanb

“Roy is the Real Deal for Healing. Like a modern psalmist, Roy delves into identifying, expressing, wrestling, and healing deep hurts with raw honesty before God, and others. Listen in! And find true, tender hearted companionship and counsel on the same boat.” – hkjedi

“Awesome! We need more podcasts like this. It’s rich in content. Love this!” – dokpower

“No other podcast like it. I look forward to every new episode of The Same Boat. The episodes are both touching, thought provoking, mixed in with a bit of humor. The podcast is well produced and very easy to listen to. Looking forward to more episodes!” – deeh_11280

“Super! This podcast is real, filled with authenticity, vulnerability and compassion. It is a godsend, clothed with flesh and bones, easy to relate to as Asians.” – Junie-bird

“WOW! So touched. Just heard episode one. So blown away at the humanity, humility and real faith. This needs to be shared.” – Jdubixsaves

“Deeply touching and very raw. Found this podcast through my brother and I am so thankful for this really incredibly vulnerable and raw space where the intersection of faith and real life play out. Thank you Roy!” – Dede tutu

“Great podcast!! Truth, grace, and empathy. Good for the soul!” – Momoz0986

“Thx Roy! I look forward to more episodes. You are doing great work” – hkim0326

“Refreshing, real talk. Thank you for the podcast! I stumbled upon it and really appreciate your interviews, insights and for providing much-needed conversations around Asian-American Christianity. Keep up the amazing work and God bless your ministry and work.” – vintagestripes

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