• “I committed to stop watching porn, but one month later I couldn’t help myself.”
  • “I love my children, I have a wonderful spouse, but I can’t stop flirting and having sex with other people.”
  • “I am a leader at church, and I feel like the biggest hypocrite. No one can ever find out how much I objectify women or else I’m ruined.”

These are typical issues for those  suffering from a widespread problem: sex addiction.

You may be worried that if you have a sex addiction, your legacy is forever damaged. But it’s never too late to write a new legacy.

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate, I can help you with the steps, the resources, and the unconditional and confidential support that can help you heal and recover. You really can have a new legacy of healing and liberation!

Along with sex addiction, I also specialize in:

  • Betrayal Trauma
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Church-related Suffering
  • Pre-Engagement Counseling

If you are ready to write your new legacy, contact me today. My name is Roy Kim, and I’d love to help.




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