Sex Addiction

  • “I was genuinely committed to stop watching porn, but one month later I couldn’t help myself.”
  • “I love my children, I have a wonderful spouse, but I can’t stop flirting and having sex with other people.”
  • “I am a leader at church, and I feel like the biggest hypocrite. No one can ever find out how much sex controls my life or else I’m ruined.”

If you can relate, you might have a sex addiction. And you’re not alone. An estimated 65% of males, 25% of females and 55% of pastors have sexually compulsive patterns, and these are conservative percentages. You made promises and broke them, you earnestly prayed, you tried filters but bypassed them. Even worse, your life may be falling apart because of your behaviors and/or your lies. 

Do not despair. Do not lose hope. I’d like to help you.

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), I want to provide you with the guidance, the resources, and the support that research shows is most effective for true recovery. This is far more powerful than willpower. What does this recovery plan include?

  • A thorough assessment of your sexual patterns and trauma history so that you can start to understand what drives your behaviors
  • Guidance through the Carnes 30 Task Model of Sex Addiction Recovery. You will restructure your daily life in such a way that will help you stop acting out, help your spouse regain trust in you, help you  gain control of your life, for the rest of your life.
  • Active participation in a sex addiction recovery group built upon safety, trust, and authenticity

Here’s a testimonial from a client: “I had been struggling with my porn addiction for 19 years, and it took a traumatic experience to finally get myself to seek outside help. I was not equipped to face this addiction on my own and for years I blamed myself thinking it was just because I didn’t have enough faith or strength. Thank you Roy for giving me a new approach and the tools to fight the good fight.”

If you are still contemplating getting help, here are some resources for more information.

Friend, what do you want your new legacy to be? What if your life story was about a person who once lived in secrecy and shame, but in the end became a person of honor, who lived a redemptive life, and genuinely valued others and themselves? What is this legacy worth to you? I want to help you make this new legacy a reality.

(Disclaimer) I do not have sufficient training to work with sex offenders. Some examples of sex offending behavior includes rape, pedophilia, stalking, sexually engaging with minors, incest, and others. If you’d like help regarding sex offending behavior, please go here for more information:

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