“I thought I could stop on my own. But 5 weeks later, I was bingeing again.”

“As a pastor, I feel like the biggest hypocrite. I preach purity but I’m just as compulsive as the next person.”

“I can’t believe I keep doing these secret things that could jeopardize losing my family.”

If you can relate, you might have a sexual addiction. And you’re not alone.
An estimated 65% of males, 25% of females,
and 55% of pastors have sexually compulsive patterns.

Are You

  • In crisis?
  • About to lose everything that is precious to you?
  • Gaslighting those you love?
  • Desperate to stop?
  • Wondering why your prayers aren’t stopping your behaviors?

Do You Want

  • To put resources into recovery instead of into divorce and child support?
  • To stop living in secrecy?
  • To be worthy of trust?
  • To regain healthy control of your life?
  • To live shame-free?

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), I want to provide you
with a recovery plan that will do what willpower can’t do.

What does this recovery plan include?

Assessment and Strategy Formation

Healing of Trauma

Carnes 30-Task Model of Sex Addiction Recovery

Restorative Group Work

One-on-One Counseling

Meet with me for assessment, strategizing,
and guidance through the recovery steps.

Investment: $250 per 50 minute session


Join a confidential small group where
the true power of sobriety and recovery resides.

Investment: $75 per 90 minute session

Listen Then Decide

Get to know me first before contacting me. Take a listen to a few episodes of my podcast SA speakeasy where you will hear me discussing sexual addiction with other sex addiction therapists.


Phone: (408) 6ROYKIM
Email: roy@newlegacycounseling.com

(Disclaimer) I do not have sufficient training to work with sex offenders. Some examples of sex offending behavior includes rape, pedophilia, stalking, sexually engaging with minors, incest, and others. If you’d like help regarding sex offending behavior, please go here for more information: http://www.casomb.org