Let’s just make that loud and clear. It wouldn’t be fair if someone slammed my car, and now I have to do surgery and physical therapy for a year. It’s not fair that you are having the hardest time functioning because of your partner’s betrayal. It’s not fair that you feel forced to lie in order to protect loved ones from the truth. It’s not fair that everyone else’s life is going just fine.

It’s not fair that you are spending money on therapy for this crisis, instead of using this money towards something you really wanted.

This is me, early 2010, shortly after the discovery of betrayal. I went with a good friend to Seattle for a change of scenery.

I felt aimless. Empty. Furious.

I didn’t know at the time that what I was experiencing was trauma. You may be experiencing trauma, too. I’d like to help you through it so you can not only function again, but thrive again.

Are You

  • Repeating “Why” questions with no good answers?
  • Unable to trust your judgment?
  • Sleeping or eating poorly?
  • Feeling completely alone?
  • Blaming yourself?
  • At a complete loss what to do?

Do You Want

  • To have clear options about what to focus on first?
  • To regain functioning?
  • To feel understood?
  • To know if your relationship is salvageable?
  • To stop checking and obsessing?

One-On-One Counseling

A dedicated time to help you learn about what is happening, what your options are, and to chart a course for healing

Investment: $250 per 50 minute session


Get crucial and life-giving support from people who are experiencing betrayal just like you

Investment: $75 per 90 minute session

Phone: (408) 6ROYKIM