Maybe you’ve tried accountability partners before, but you weren’t quite sure how to go about keeping one another accountable.

Maybe you’ve tried joining a sobriety group led by a sex addiction therapist, but they were either full, or too expensive for you.

You hate feeling like a failure. You hate feeling like a hypocrite. You hate those cycles of being “good” some days and then bingeing on other days.

I want to help!

SGSG 90 is a 16 episode video series that will guide you and your accountability partners step-by-step to reach 90 days of sobriety from sexually compulsive behaviors. 90 days of non-violation will give you a sturdy foundation upon which you can build further recovery steps.

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you decide whether this is right for you:

Can I go through this video series alone?
Sorry no, this video series is meant for a group. No lone wolves!

How big should the group be?
I recommend no larger than 6 members.

How frequently should our group meet?
I recommend once per week so that by the end of the 16 episodes you will have reached 90 days.

Do we meet in person or online?
I always prefer in person groups, but if your situation cannot accommodate that, then online will work too!

What items do we need for our meetings?
You will need a notebook and pen for each meeting. It would be ideal if you can use a smart TV or cast your tablet/laptop onto a TV screen for easier viewing if you’re meeting in person. If you are meeting online, you will need to find a way to play a video episode and watch it together via screen share.

Who are good candidates for our group?
People who can commit to all 16 meetings is a very important criterion. Also, people who are trustworthy to keep everything strictly confidential. **One other note: This video series is not meant to address sex offenders. Sex offenses can include child pornography, pedophilia, sexual assault, exploitation, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. I recommend sex offenders to reach out to sex offense specialists.

Can the groups be co-ed or a mixture of straight/LGBTQ+?
They can be co-ed if the conversations do not trigger, arouse, or offend you. For example, it would not be beneficial if someone is sharing personally and another member (male or female) is getting aroused or attracted to that group member. Each group member deserves to have a safe and supportive experience at each meeting.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $99 and is subject to change!

Is the cost of the video series per group or per person?
Per person, please. I know we become accustomed to sharing Netflix or Amazon Prime accounts, but kindly purchase your own SGSG 90 account 🙂

There are YouTube videos in the course episodes. Can I share them?
Please do not share the YouTube videos that are embedded in these episodes. They are meant for paying account holders only.

Does this count as therapy?
No, this video series is not to be considered as therapy.

Is this video series guaranteed to make me sober?
I wish I could guarantee your sobriety, but your sobriety depends on many factors that are beyond my control! I can guarantee however, that this video series will teach you strategies that will give you a much higher likelihood of success than trying to get sober alone.

Who do I contact for questions or technical glitches?
Email and we will look into addressing your question ASAP.