“How many times have I told you about this!”
“If you don’t do this right now, I’m really going to lose it!”
“Mom, how come she can do that and I can’t?!”

Are You

  • Exhausted from yelling and constantly reminding?
  • Tired of your children complaining about unfairness?
  • Overwhelmed by doing all the chores?

Do You Want

  • To steadily prepare your kids for adulthood and real life?
  • To cultivate a culture of respect instead of intimidation?
  • More peace?

If you have children between the ages of 7-17, and there are no illegal or abusive behaviors in the home, I want to teach you a system that is highly effective in decreasing stress and chaos, and increasing fairness, peace, and dialogue.

Too good to be true?

True Story

A family reached out to me and said they had reached the end of their rope. The kids were snarky to the mom, the mom bickered with the dad, the dad made secret alliances with the kids, it was a mess. I taught the system to the family, they worked hard to implement it, and within 2 months, there was a profound sense of harmony amongst them. The mom was holding hands with dad, the kids spoke freely but respectfully, and the house was much cleaner too!

I taught this system to more families, and the families that worked hard to implement it all said it was a game changer. The families that did not do their work, well, they stayed stuck in their chaos, unfortunately. The system is called Positive Parenting with a Plan. If you’d like to learn the system that brings peace to your home, I’d love to teach you.

Family Therapy

Step by step guidance with all family members present so everyone learns together.

Investment: $200 per 60 minute session

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