I offer a specific type of family counseling for families that have these characteristics:

  • Children of ages 8-16
  • Behaviors of family members are problematic but not illegal/abusive
  • Parents are tired of yelling or constantly reminding
  • Unequal distribution of chores
  • Children complain of unfairness

If this sounds like you, I want to teach you a system that is highly effective in reducing stress and chaos, and increasing fairness, peace, and dialogue. Too good to be true? I’ll give you an example of its effectiveness. A family reached out to me and said they had reached the end of their rope. The kids were snarky to the mom, the mom bickered with the dad, the dad made secret alliances with the kids, it was a mess. I taught the system to the family, they worked hard to implement it, and within 2 months, there was a profound sense of harmony amongst them. The mom was holding hands with dad, the kids spoke freely but respectfully, and the house was much cleaner too!

I taught this system to more families, and the families that worked hard to implement it all said it was a game changer. The families that did not do their work, well, they stayed stuck in their chaos unfortunately! If you’d like me to teach you the system that brings peace to your home, contact me to get started!

Serving Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Brea and the State of California