Pastors and church leaders need care, too. Some might say that pastors need more care than their congregation does, especially with all the unrealistic expectations placed upon them. When all this stress builds up, there may be disastrous results.

But where does a pastor go to receive this care?

  • If they reveal too much to their church, their church might think their pastor is unfit.
  • They might feel their wife has too much to worry about
  • Their friends are too busy

I’d like to help. I’d like to be a safe place where you can share what’s really going on. These are just a few of the issues that pastors have sought help for:

  • Feeling burnt out
  • Porn/sex addiction
  • Questioning their faith or calling
  • Bitterness towards the church
  • Chaos at home

Having pastored for 8 years, I know how difficult and lonely the life of a pastor can be. I did not have many tools to gain self-awareness, to overcome my addictive behaviors, nor did I feel safe enough to share what was really going on in my mind and heart. Though I was surrounded by many people, I often felt alone.

If you can relate, contact me today. Your health will benefit not just you, but your family and church as well!