Surrogate Spouse, Surrogate Savior, Part 1

“You are not equipped to give your parents the love and care they needed and did not get from their own caregivers and partner,” says Hatty J. Lee, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

Many of us have felt tremendous pressure to listen to our parents’ marital problems, to protect them from loneliness or worthless feelings, to give them grandchildren for their legacy. Sometimes it seems like obligation, duty, or even pity.

Where do these feelings and thoughts come from? What happens when we live as a surrogate spouse, as a surrogate savior? 

Hatty and I do a deep dive into this hot topic that affects so many of us. Join the conversation!

Hatty Lee is a skilled therapist and impactful writer, practicing in Los Angeles, CA. Her practice is called Oak and Stone Therapy ( Her Instagram posts resonate strongly with thousands. If you’d like insight and tools for connection, follow Hatty: @hattyjlee

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