How Does a Quarantine Lockdown Affect Sex Addiction Recovery?

Dan Drake, the founder and director of Banyan Therapy Group, joins me to talk about COVID19 and its impact on the recovery path of sexual addicts and their traumatized partners.  Contact Dan at, and visit his website: Contact Roy at and visit his website:

Getting Great Emotional Connection During Online Therapy

One of the biggest criticisms of online therapy is the limited ability to emotionally connect with the client. Some reasons include the inability to detect body posturing, subtle voice inflections, the awkwardness of “radio silence” over video, etc. The Figure It Out method is a great way to overcome some challenges to online therapy and … Read more

Surrogate Spouse, Surrogate Savior, Part 1

“You are not equipped to give your parents the love and care they needed and did not get from their own caregivers and partner,” says Hatty J. Lee, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Many of us have felt tremendous pressure to listen to our parents’ marital problems, to protect them from loneliness or worthless feelings, … Read more

Blessed are the Peacemakers

I published a new episode of The Same Boat! In Episode 19, I interview Cheryl Kang Prout and Vivianne Kelly of Cordial Family Lawyers, LLP, who provide an intimate glimpse into the world of divorce mediation. Some of the questions we discuss: Are all family lawyers the same? How does divorce affect kids? How is … Read more